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OCCULT ESPionage by Iona Miller, 2007
Can't get that Babe out of your Abyss? Misplaced your Holy Guardian Angel? Can't get control of your personal demons? This is the book for you. What spies have in common with magicians is an uncanny ability to connect the seemingly unconnected, to notice what goes on behind the scenes and to see through misdirection ~ it takes one to know one. Craft, Stealth, Misdirection, Disguise, HiTek, Clever & Precise Manipulation, Hypnotics, Hoodwinking, Codes, Scripts, Deception, Disinformation. Freud, Crowley, Hitler, L. Ron Hubbard, Leary, Shulgin, Illuminati.

The Paranormal * ESPionage * SpyFi * Penetration & Acquisition * Altered States * Digital Drugs * Occulture * Secret Societies * Subliminazis * Neurohacking * Psi Wars * Mind Control * Remote Viewing * Divination * Transformation * Psychotronics * UFOs & Mind Control * Manipulation * Countermeasures * Persuasion *Gnosis * Charisma * Personality Cults * Arcana * PsiFi * Intentionality * Wizards, Spooks & Psiwarriors * Mind Reading * Spiritual Warfare * Shamanism * Thought Injection * Thought Stopping * Psy-Strat * Invisible War * Soft Kill * Energy Body Attack * Intelligence * Psychic Self Defense * Extraordinary Human Potential * Meditation * Visualization * Light Body * High Weirdness * Blowback * Agents, Assets and Black Ops * Spy Dust * Cryptocracy


BEYOND MKULTRA: Tales From the Dark Ops Side,
by Iona Miller, Charles Stone, Raven Delumiere, Thom Lyttle, 2007

Tales from the Dark Ops Side

THE ULTIMATE POWER TRIP: Cold warriors, wizards, professors collaborate, not to make the world safe for democracy, but for control of your mind and the mass of humanity. PSYCHIC WARFARE, INFORMATION WARFARE, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, BIOLOGICAL WARFARE, DEW Weapons, Scalar Weapons, Illuminati, Crowley, Tavistock, counterculture, LSD, Ecstasy, Digital Drugs, HAARP, Ionospheric Holography, Ion cyclotron resonance. Advanced Mind Control Technology -- during the 1970's much of MK Ultra was exposed and stopped. However, the work of cracking the Brain Code continued in neurology, consciousness studies and mysticism! In 1980 the reported CIA's front for the most advanced mind control technology, Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), was exposed by Covert Action Newletter. This clandestine lab was operated by Dr. Carl Schleicher, who is credited in several books with inventing the cyborg - a programmed Manchurian Candidate remote triggered assassin. MRU carried out many avenues of important research mostly relating to mind control psychotronics and other exotic topics. Schliecher was a past President of the American Dowsing Association, the US Psychotronics Association and was generally the Johnny Appleseed of many psychotronic related projects worldwide. Beyond MKU also delves into Secret Societies, Shadow Government, Illuminati, Crowley, Leary, L. Ron Hubbard espionage involvements and more.


BARBWIRE BRAIN: Neurohacking Your Reality by Iona Miller, 2007

By IONA MILLER with Leutrell Osborne, Sr. retired CIA Officer

Our brains are trapped in a BARBED WIRE CAGE with seemingly no way out. We are manipulated body, mind, and soul from the cradle to te grave, through both well-meaning socialization and malicious mind control. With the forces of governments, media and megacorporations, our minds are under constant assault. TAKE BACK YOUR MIND with effective self-regulating countermeasures for freer living. We all have an internal map of reality and our beliefs generate our reality. Our main agenda is to be right about our beliefs. Values are the source and desire for motivation. Motivation comes from values; sense of safety comes from beliefs. If you create a 1 minute movie internally about what you WANT it is more effective than obsessing endlessly on what you don't want.

Visualization is even more effective when you are in a meditative state. Alpha and Theta brainwave states are the fertile soil in which to ground your 3-D holographic visualizations. Your clear images form a template for self-organizing creativity.  Create multisensory images, rehearsing your success at reaching your goal, including sights, smells, and sounds.  See your thought picture or performance translated into action in the mind's eye.  Image streaming can be used for personal growth, setting goals, self-esteem, habit control, achievement, healing, rebirth and more.

Clear mental movies, visions, work much better once you have identified your limiting core beliefs.  Then intuitive answers come from the subconscious spontaneously. You see it, sense it, taste it, smell it, and behave as if you have it.  You can get a sense of your purpose in life from dreams and visions.  Visualization is the ancient method of goal setting that engrains it and embodies it in your whole being.  You can expand and prioritize your choices, and prepare for changes and achievements.  Bring your future into focus in the present through highly-detailed multidimensional holographic imagery.


UNLIMITED Mind Control & Esoteric Espionage by Iona Miller, 2007
Perfect choice for the SPYFI fan. Heavy on PSY-STRAT, Espionage and Counterintelligence history and technique, as well as programmed assassins, mind control and occult espionage. Get the Big Picture on the Great Game.


It is necessary in this process of strategic intelligence collection and processing to be aware of the broadest possible contexts in which to view issues and information; to be aware of the trends of many disciplines, from religion to economics, from business to linguistics, from politics to military training, from historic social patterns to new religious trends, medicine, agriculture, science and so on.

Mind Control Vectors, Mind Control Countermeasures, Electronic Countermeasures, Psychological Warfare, Officers, Agents, & Spies, Tradecraft, Profiling, People Reading, Recruiting Techniques
NLP for Good & IlL, Brainwashing, Manchurian Candidate, Sensory Deprivation, Hidden Agendas
Penetration & Acquisition. Bang & Burn, Spy Dust, EMF Harrasment, Lida Machine, Woodpecker, Club of Rome, "The Dieoff," HAARP, Futuring, Disinformation, more.

ESP(iona)ge! or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CIA: Intelligence as Performance Art by Iona Miller, 2007

“By 2007, my artistic medium changed: the world is my canvas; intelligence is my medium.”  “If the world is my canvas, the palette is a shapeshifting morphology of belief systems and ideologies.”

SUB ROSA: In secret; privately or confidentially: held the meeting sub rosa. A "black" (sub rosa) propaganda section. The Glass Bead Game or Magister Ludi (set in the 23rd Century) describes a cadre of individuals and their headmaster -- the Magister Ludi -- engrossed in interdisciplinary play engineering cultural values from behind the scenes. Hesse never forthrightly explained just how the game is played, but gave many hints to its structure for future aspirants seeking solutions to the critical predicament of mankind through Global Architectronics. The Glass Bead Game requires that its players synthesize aesthetics and philosophy. The Glass Bead Game is thus a mode of playing with the total contents and values of our culture; it plays with them as, say, in the great age of the arts a painter might have played with the colors on his palette. The Game's synthetic, non-linear information play is a forerunner of virtual reality.

After each symbol conjured up by the director of a Game, each player was required to perform silent, formal meditation on the content, origin, and meaning of this symbol, to call to mind intensively and organically its full purport. The members of the Order and of the Game associations brought the technique and practice of contemplation with them from their elite schools, where the art of contemplation and meditation was nurtured with the greatest care. The variety of the phenomenal world reached perfection and ultimate cognition only in the divine Unity. Thus, "realizing" was a favorite expression among the players. They considered their Games a path from Becoming to Being, from potentiality to reality...We would scarcely be exaggerating if we ventured to say that for the small circle of genuine Glass Bead Game players the Game was virtually equivalent to worship.


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