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HunterGatheress Literary Journal - March 2008

By Iona Miller, 8/2007

The Triangle Book of St. Germain

Hermetics begins and ends in the quest for eternal life -- that which is immortal within us. All other goals are subordinate this prime directive. Man becomes a mortal god and God is an immortal man. We can potentially ascend to the heights and depths of being and find they are one in the same – the secret of the whole cosmos lies at the root of matter. What we find there is Primordial Awareness of the pure potential of being, which is truly beyond time and therefore immortal –Cosmic Zero Point. A noetic experience renders the initiate immortal.

St. Germain had The Secret. That secret became a legacy of Manly Palmer Hall (MPH) and his Philosophical Research Society (PRS). It was his supreme treasure, which he kept safely hidden in his vault. The two parchment cipher texts now reside in the Getty Research Institute, likewise deep in their library vaults.Just what was the secret of this mighty Dragon? This secret shaped his birth, his life and his legacy to the whole world. Like his predacessor Sir Francis Bacon, his true lineage was political dynamite, so he led a double life of deception to insure his survival. The secrets were manifold: secret birth, secret wisdom, secret societies, secret life.


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